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Bifrost Adventures are based on the northwest coast of Norway. We offer guided journeys for those of you who like to push the physical limits in the most spectacular surroundings. With highly experienced personel, Bifrost will guide, service, and accomodate you through a cycling adventure of a lifetime.





3 days women specific

19 - 21 June 2015


Day 1: Bud-Atlanterhavsveien-Eide-Angvika (Lunch Atlanterhavsveien). 130km and 1300m climb.

Day 2: Angvik-Eresfjord-Eikesdal-Åndalsnes-Trollstigen-Juvet (Lunch Eikesdalen). 130 km and 2000m climb

Day 3: Geiranger-Dalsnibba-Norangsdalen-Øye-Vatne-Molde (Lunch Øye). 100km and 2500m climb.

Car transport where neccesary to keep stages within scheduled time and distance.

Price: On request

2 nights at Angvika and Juvet.

Professional photographer to document the tour. Portraits optional.

Service car with food/drinks, extra clothing, spare wheels and parts.

Briefing before each stage.

Guide following the group through all stages.

Lecture on training and cycling.

Massage two days.